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Chin Surgery (Genioplasty)

chinEach facial feature works in concert with the others to create a harmonious whole. If there is asymmetry or weakness in one area, this can have an effect on the rest. Chin surgery, medically referred to as genioplasty, can be used to contour and shape the chin to enhance the overall appearance of the face. Often used in conjunction with rhinoplasty, chin augmentation from our highly skilled plastic surgeon can help you refine your features and achieve your desired look.

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Chin Augmentation Procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr. Richard Zeff will discuss your concerns and learn more about what you do and don’t like about your chin. He will then develop a customized treatment plan designed to improve the shape of your chin while balancing all of your features for the most aesthetically appealing outcome possible. He will take specific measurements to help ensure a balanced and harmonious result.

Chin augmentation typically involves the use of small silicone implants that are custom-made to achieve your cosmetic goals. Unlike silicone breast implants, the facial implants are firm and hard to the touch to mimic natural bone. In some cases, your natural bone may be advanced to enhance your profile without the use of implants. Dr. Zeff will either create a small incision on the underside of your chin (for an implant) or inside your mouth (where the bone will be moved forward. Both approaches usually result in minimal scarring that is often barely noticeable.

Another option for individuals seeking a more cosmetically appealing chin is fat grafting. This technique can be used alone or in combination with other approaches to achieve the desired result. Fat grafting involves harvesting your own fatty tissue with liposuction, minimally processing the fat, and administering it as an injectable into the treatment area. To learn more about how the process works, please review our page on facial fat grafting.

Chin Surgery Recovery

Typically an outpatient procedure, you should be able to return home after chin surgery. Swelling and bruising in the lower half of the face is normal and it will likely continue for several days and then begin to subside. We usually recommend that individuals take about one week off from work to recover, and you should stick with eating soft foods during this time. Additionally, you should avoid strenuous activity for about one month, or as long as Dr. Zeff recommends. Your recovery time and experience may vary based on your unique rate of healing and if your treatment plan includes additional procedures such as rhinoplasty.

Liquid Chin Augmentation/ Non-Surgical Genioplasty

Some patients may not need or be ready for an operation. A minimally invasive alternative to chin surgery is a “liquid chin augmentation.” In this procedure, Dr. Zeff can modify the shape and enhance the definition of the chin and jawline using the latest dermal fillers. The outcome is temporary, and occasional touch-up treatments will be necessary to maintain the benefits. This technique can provide beautiful, natural-looking results for men and women who have mild imperfections in this area. Additionally, individuals can use this approach to “test out” a chin augmentation before they consider committing to a surgical procedure. We can discuss this option with you during the initial consultation if you’re interested.

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