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What Our Patients Are Asking About Breast Enhancement Surgery

1.  How do I choose the right breast implant size?

I’ve found that the absolute best way to select implant size is to try on sizers in the office.  Sizers reproduce the exact shape and feel and when worn under clothing will accurately reflect post op size making size selection very easy.

2.   Breast Implants and Breast Lift after pregnancy? How long after pregnancy should I wait before I can get breast implants and undergo breast lift?

When you are no longer nursing and your breasts stop changing, you can consider breast lift and/or augmentation.

3.    Which breast implant placement gives a more natural appearance? When getting breast implants, what gives a more natural appearance, going under or over the muscle?

I prefer using smooth round implants. My philosophy is that all women already have an inherent breast shape, and they simply want to enhance that shape with larger breasts. Therefore, I don’t use anatomic or shaped implants for cosmetic enlargement.  Because the pectoralis muscle serves as an internal bra, placement under the muscle provides addtional support giving the breasts a perky, but natural look.

4.    Breast implants – How long do they last? When should you replace them?

No one really knows how long they will last. Every patient should expect that they will need to be replaced.  The companies warranty the implants for life. I see no reason to replace the implants at a predetermined time unless there is an issue or problem.

5.    Should I get breast implants if I plan on getting pregnant later? Is it recommended to have breast implants before having a child? How will the breast look after breast feeding?

Getting breast implants prior to pregnancy or breast feeding simply gives a larger starting point.  Whatever pregnancy and breast feeding will do is essentially unaffected except that you will still have the implants when it’s over.