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Laser Procedures

laser-thumbRichard Zeff, MD, our plastic surgeon, offers the latest in laser technology at his practice in New Hampshire. Our plastic surgeon’s experience with laser skin resurfacing and light-based therapies allow him to safely and efficiently reverse many of the signs of aging has allowed many of our patients to effectively meet their goals without surgery. Laser treatments can range from mild with minimal down time to very aggressive with prolonged healing but exceptional results. For more information on our laser treatments, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is an advanced cosmetic enhancement technique that can reduce or eliminate creases, lines, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and discoloration. Treatment involves removing damaged skin layers and bringing to the surface healthier, smoother skin. Naturally, these procedures require a high degree of control and finesse for greater success, which is why at our practice we have two different lasers, an FX fractional laser and a scanning CO2 laser. The “fractional” approach breaks the beam into myriad smaller beams. The treatment is a little less aggressive but gives the skin a much smoother appearance while reducing discoloration and evening skin tone. Our physician has performed hundreds of laser skin resurfacing procedures and feel this laser gives excellent depth control, thus minimizing the risk of complications.

While the results are consistently good, there is a period of healing that typically lasts seven to 12 days, depending on the extent of treatment. At this point, the skin is healed and noticeably smoother but still quite pink – a phase that can last weeks to months (again, depending on the depth of treatment). Fortunately, make-up usually hides this well.

Laser skin resurfacing is typically an outpatient procedure.

Facial Rosacea Treatment

If you are self-conscious about the level of redness in your face, you may have rosacea and not even know it. A common skin condition, rosacea affects nearly 14 million Americans, but most are not even familiar with the disorder. Symptoms of rosacea include everything from tiny blood vessels, small red spots, tiny veins or generalized redness of the nose, cheeks and other areas of the face. We offer advanced laser treatments that can reduce the visible symptoms of rosacea for a healthier appearance to the skin.

Broken Capillaries

Broken capillaries and enlarged blood vessels typically occur in facial areas and look like thin, red lines along the skin. Rosacea, sun damage, certain medications, and the natural process of aging can all be contributors to these common skin conditions. Fortunately, laser therapy has proven to be very effective treatments for broken capillaries. We offer state-of-the-art laser skin rejuvenation procedures that can target specific areas of the face and give the skin a smoother, more even-toned appearance.

Brown Spots

Intense pulsed light and laser therapies can help clear away brown spots, sometimes called age spots, that are caused by excess sun exposure and the natural process of aging. IPL treatment, such as Ellipse Nordlys, offers a great moderate approach to correcting individual brown spots with minimal downtime. Ablative lasers can provide more comprehensive brown spot removal by sloughing away the superficial layers of the epidermis (top layer of skin) to reveal the smooth, evenly-toned skin beneath. Additional benefits include stimulation of collagen production in the skin, providing a more youthful look as the area heals. About five to seven days after treatment, the treated brown spots should flake, become lighter in color, or disappear entirely. We recommend wearing sunscreen every day to help diminish the possibility of developing brown spots in the future and to protect your health. Some patients may require multiple treatment sessions for the best outcome.

Renuvion® Skin Tightening

Renuvion is an advanced plasma energy laser technology that can lift, tone, and firm the skin on the face, neck, and body with incredible results. Used alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments, this treatment can help address skin laxity with natural-looking effects.

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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins can be very noticeable on your legs. We offer advanced, non-surgical sclerotherapy treatments to reduce and often eliminate spider veins for a more even-toned appearance.

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial Treatments

State-of-the-art intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments provide outstanding photorejuvenation results for aging and hyperpigmented skin, as well as skin affected by acne, rosacea, and/or broken capillaries and spider veins. The specialized technology in our IPL device allows for enhanced customization and a faster, more comfortable experience in photofacial treatments and customized skin rejuvenation elsewhere on the body.

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