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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation Revision at a Glance

  • Inpatient/Outpatient: Outpatient
  • Sedation: General anesthesia
  • Potential Benefits: Alteration of the size, positioning, or overall appearance of existing implants; correction of implant-related complications, such as rupture or infection
  • Procedure Length: Variable based on specifics of procedure
  • Recovery Time: Typically up to two weeks

What Is Breast Augmentation Revision?

breast-augmentation-revisionIf you had breast surgery and are dissatisfied with the results, our experienced plastic surgeon may be able to correct the issues and achieve your desired result by performing breast augmentation revision. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world, breast augmentation remains a complex surgery that requires a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Of course, there are other reasons to consider breast revision surgery. This operation addresses implant position and asymmetry, while providing an opportunity to upgrade the size and/or type of breast implants you have. Many women opt to switch from silicone to saline or vice-versa, or they may wish to go a size larger or smaller, depending on their lifestyle and preferences. Regardless of your cosmetic goals, we can customize a treatment plan that emphasizes a beautiful, natural-looking outcome.

We’re here to help you achieve your aesthetic enhancement goals. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact our practice today.

What Are the Reasons for Having Breast Revision Surgery?

In addition to dissatisfaction with the results of a previous surgery and desire to replace or upgrade your breast implants, there are other justifications for breast revision surgery. Capsular contracture is a condition in which scar tissue surrounding an implant tightens, resulting in a firmer feeling implant. Occasionally this can cause discomfort and give the breasts an unnatural or misshapen appearance. If this occurs, the breast implant should be removed, the scar tissue addressed, and a new implant placed. Although rare, implant rupture can also occur.

Whether your implant is saline or silicone, if this happens, the implant needs to be removed (and replaced, as desired). Most implant types now come with limited warranties. If you have experienced a problem with one or both of your breast implants and believe them to be covered by a warranty, our skilled medical team can help you navigate this process with the implant manufacturers. It is critical that you save any information about your implants from the time of your original surgery. Many patients are reassured to know that in over 11 years, Dr. Zeff’s implant rupture rate is below 0.4%, which is well below the national average.

Besides the rare complication that can occur with breast implant surgery, personal lifestyle changes can also be a reason for wanting breast revision surgery. Women may wish to remove their breast implants entirely simply because they feel implants no longer represent who they are.

Your reasons for considering breast revision are valid and unique. When you arrive for your initial consultation, our experienced plastic surgeon will discuss your concerns and evaluate your anatomic needs. Together, you will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your singular wishes.

Can I Remove My Breast Implants Without Exchanging Them?

Some patients choose, after a time, to have their implants removed and not replaced. It is possible to remove the breast implants without exchanging them with another type of implant; however, the breast will no longer appear as it did before the surgery. The capsule, or pocket, that was created to hold the implant will remain empty, and ptosis (droop) can vary between mild and significant, depending on the size of the implant, the amount of natural breast tissue, and the general elasticity of the remaining breast tissue. Dr. Zeff will discuss the solutions that are unique to your individual condition.

Will I Need a Breast Lift After Breast Implant Removal?

When breast implants are removed, there will be noticeable changes in your appearance including loss of volume usually most apparent in the upper portion of the breast. There will also be variable looseness of the overlying skin, which may or may not require tightening depending on your expectations. Breast lift surgery is the most common approach, and it can provide a pleasing outcome should you choose to remove your implants without replacing them.

What Happens During the Breast Revision Procedure?

Just as there are a multitude of reasons why someone may choose to undergo breast revision surgery, so, too, are there many approaches to addressing these concerns. In the event of capsular contracture (firmness), the scar may simply be scored to relieve the tightness (capsulotomy) or it may need to be removed completely (capsulectomy). Other techniques may also be utilized, depending on your unique needs. If implant removal is desired, a breast lift may be worth considering to address excess skin or “drooping” that can result.

Our skilled plastic surgeon will discuss all the options available to you and help guide your decision. Ultimately, the final choice will always be yours.

What Can I Expect During Breast Implant Exchange Recovery?

When the operation involves simple replacements of the implants, the recovery is typically even easier than the original surgery. You will need approximately two weeks off from work and will be given a limited series of restrictions until you are fully recovered. Minimal bruising, swelling, and tenderness are expected and normal, and these effects should gradually fade as you heal. Dr. Zeff will prepare you for what to expect during recovery, and his staff welcomes your calls should you have any questions.

How to Choose a Breast Augmentation Revision Surgeon

When considering breast augmentation revision, selecting the right provider is crucial. We advise you to entrust your care to a board-certified plastic surgeon with a track record of highly satisfied patients. For a sense of your potential results and experience at their practice, you can typically view before-and-after photos on a surgeon’s website. We also recommend that you meet with the surgeon to ask any questions you may have about your care and ensure you feel comfortable with their treatment style.

Moreover, Dr. Zeff is a prominent New England plastic surgeon with more than three decades of experience in personalized breast augmentation revision. He is proficient in various techniques and methods and tailors each procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient. He is also a member of several notable medical organizations, including The Aesthetic Society® and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). When you choose Dr. Zeff, you can expect a safe procedure with optimal results in a friendly, welcoming environment.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Revision Cost?

The price of breast implant exchange or removal will depend on the particulars of your unique treatment plan, including whether you are exchanging saline for silicone implants (or vice versa) or, if removing the implants, you are having another procedure to improve the appearance of the breast after implant removal. Dr. Zeff and his medical team will thoroughly review the details of your program, including the total cost at your first appointment. For additional information and financing options, we encourage you to schedule a consultation.

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