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Spider Veins? Don’t Be Embarrassed!

Summer is coming 🙂 Everyone is already thinking of swimming, the beach, shorts and sports. As this season rolls around, many women and men are concerned with their spider and varicose veins and would like to know their options. In our practice we offer multiple treatments, either alone or in combination, to treat these incredibly common nuisances.


The three main therapies for spider and varicose veins are excision, injection (sclerotherapy), and laser treatment. Often combinations of therapies must be used to provide the best result and meet patient expectations. Most patients require one to three treatments with sclerotherapy and laser. Rarely, patients require an excisional procedure. In our practice we use Asclera® to directly inject the veins as well as the Ellipse® laser to remove the finer veins not assessable to injection treatment. Pricing is dependent on the number of veins and the number of visits required, but to make things more simple we charge by the half-hour of treatment using the combination of modalities during that half-hour.


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