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We, like everyone else, often get confused and overwhelmed by the options for skincare. As summer ends and the sun retreats we look at our skin and notice the damage that this past season and those prior has done. What really works to help clear up wrinkles and pigmentation changes?

Our plastic surgeon and Tracy, our expert esthetician, have developed a simple regimen for great skin. Below we describe what we chose, what we personally use and why!


Why? – Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has been demonstrated since the 1960s as the most important agent in aging skin. Retinol stimulates new collagen and skin turn over reducing fine lines, pores and acne. It is a MUST for all aging skin.
Our Recommendation – SkinMedica Retinol. This has been formulated to have excellent penetration with minimal reactivity of the skin.
Technique – SkinMedica Retinol comes in 3 forms (0.25, 0.5, 1.0). Retinol works by causing skin turnover. This, in turn, is associated with initial flaking, peeling, redness, and burning and acne flares! This is normal. You MUST continue this product through this transition period. It will get better! Nonetheless, you should select the concentration that correlates with your skin’s sensitivity AND your ability to tolerate the transition period.
For sensitive skin you should start with 0.25 retinol. For more tolerant and resilient skin you should start with 0.5. The retinol 1.0 concentration. is for established patients after the transition period.
You should apply this at NIGHT. Start every other night. If there is a reaction that is too strong for you, then transition to every third night. Once you are tolerating the product increase your frequency until you reach every night. When you are no longer having any reaction and are using the product every night advance to the next concentration.
This product takes 6 MONTHS to achieve full effect.

Why? – Free radicals from the sun, diet and environment cause destruction to cell DNA. This in turn results in aging cells and decreased collagen. Vitamin C is the best known antioxidant. To best prevent further aging you should use a serum with vitamin C.

Our Recommendation – SkinCeuticals CE Ferrulic or Phloretin CE. Vitamin C serums are never inexpensive. To achieve a stable product, manufacturers must package and prepare  this powerful antioxidant in a manner that prevents degradation and loss of antioxidant abilities. Avoid internet purchased antioxidants as they may have been exposed to the elements that remove their ability to free radical scavenge!
Technique – Apply this every morning. You may have brief burning sensation. This is normal. Apply this before your make up. Men – apply this after you shave for a great after shave balm!
Why? – Growth Factors and Peptides are potent cell activators. These products were developed for wound care treatments and were found, coincidentally, to have great effect on the quality and appearance of surrounding skin. These products penetrate the skin and signal cells to produce new collagen and other important factors of the extracellular matrix (ECM) that give skin a more volumized and rejuvenated appearance.
Our Recommendation – AnteAge or TNS essential serum
Technique – Apply this serum every morning and every evening. There should be no transition period.
Why? – Sun generates free radicals, destroys cells and breaks down collagen. A sunscreen with mineral only protection prevents any chemical reaction and provides equivalent, if not better, protection.
Our Recommendation – Skinceuticals Physical Sunblock.
Technique – Apply this every morning and repeat every four hours following.


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