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Tips to Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results

While board-certified plastic surgeon, Richard Zeff, MD, uses the latest techniques and customized treatment plans to provide patients with long-lasting results, home care, health, and lifestyle can have a huge impact on the quality of one’s results over time. When discussing long-term maintenance of your surgical enhancements with Dr. Zeff, you’ll find that extending the life of your plastic surgery results requires many of the same actions as aging gracefully and healthfully:

  • Attend all of your scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr. Zeff so that he can keep a close watch on your healing progress, advise you on proper home care, and help ensure the best possible outcome. 
  • Support your physical health with regular exercise, nutritious foods, vitamin supplements, and plenty of water.
  • Protect and properly care for your facial skin with a daily skin care regimen that includes gentle cleansers, effective moisturizers, clinical-grade skin nourishment, and broad-spectrum sunscreens.
  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet plan and fitness schedule to help prevent weight gain after body contouring procedures.
  • Keep hormone levels in check. Hormone fluctuations can cause significant changes in skin quality, body weight, body shape, and overall health.
  • Moisturize body skin daily to keep it as supple and elastic as possible.
  • Practice proper scar care to support optimal healing and minimize long-term scar tissue visibility.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact our practice or schedule an appointment with Dr. Zeff if you have questions or concerns about your results and any aesthetic changes related to aging. We are always available to help support you in looking and feeling your best.

Education is a large part of helping our patients maintain satisfactory plastic surgery results long-term. Throughout your journey with Dr. Zeff, he will provide you with important information every step of the way that can help you maximize the quality of your outcome for as long as possible. As you age, touch-ups and additional treatments may be advisable, and you can count on Dr. Zeff to suggest recommendations that are well-suited for your unique needs and goals.

Do you have questions about the longevity of plastic surgery results? Contact our practice to connect with our knowledgeable team or schedule a consultation with Dr. Zeff.

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