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FAQ: “In what order do I apply my products?”

A balanced lifestyle, careful cleansing, and appropriate hydration lead to healthy, glowing skin. Choosing the right skin care products requires careful consideration by you and your skin care professional.

A frequently asked question is “In what order do I apply my products?”

Applying products in proper sequence allows for optimal performance of your skin care products.

1. Cleanse

Cleanse the skin a.m & p.m. Cleansing is a vital starting point. Your cleanser must be effective yet gentle. Avoid cleansers that strip away the skin’s protective lipids and actively inflame the skin. Skin Cleansers help to remove dirt, excess sebum, bacteria, cosmetics and exfoliate surface skin cells.

2. Tone

Apply toner a.m & p.m. Toners prepare the skin for hydration. Toners restore the natural PH balance of the skin, reduce excess oil and help minimize large pores.

3. Serums

Your skin care regimen may call for more than one Serum. Serum helps combat redness and fine lines. Composed of molecules much smaller than those in a moisturizer, a serum is absorbed into the skin quickly and more deeply for a more intensive effect. Think of serums as a multi-vitamin for your skin nourishing, enhancing and boosting its performance.

4. Eye Treatment

If your skin care regimen includes an eye treatment, it should be applied after your serums and before your moisturizer a.m & p.m. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, thin and susceptible to damage. Consequently, it’s also one of the first places we see changes.

5. Hydrate and Protect

Using products that are specific to your skin type allows you to hydrate and protect the skin a.m & p.m. As we age, the skin tends to become drier, gradually losing its ability to retain moisture. Skin that is kept well moisturized has a healthy glow, and remains soft and supple.

6. Sun Protection

It is essential for everyone to include a SPF15 or greater sunscreen with UVB and UVA protection as a final step in your morning routine and to re-apply product as necessary throughout the day, especially with prolonged exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet, (UV), causes skin damage resulting in hyperpigmentation, age spots, wrinkles as well as skin cancer.

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