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Best Fix for a Loose Belly after Pregnancy?

Q: Mommy Makeover procedures have gained popularity recently. Would this be a way to address a loose belly after pregnancy?

Nothing’s more annoying to a mother of small (or any size) children than seeing another mother wearing a skimpy 2 piece showing off her abs of steel. The truth is, she’s unusual and incredibly lucky, or…. she’s had a tummy tuck. The condition of the tummy following one or more pregnancies is much like the condition of the skin of some one who has had massive weight loss. The skin loses much of its natural elasticity and becomes loose, stretched out and, occasionally saggy. Only a very lucky few have an unusually strong genetic resistance to this elastic damage. Once it happens, no amount of diet or exercise can restore the original tone. That’s not to say that excellent diet and exercise can’t achieve the best possible degree of health and tone. It simply won’t tighten the skin.

Tummy tuck or “abdominoplasty” is the surgical procedure in which which the excess skin and fat between the pubis and the belly button are removed. Once things are pulled together, the entire abdomen is often so tight that it takes a few days to stand up fully straight. But when you do…..! The scar can be quite long, and the belly button itself is not moved but sutured to the newly tightened skin improving another troublesome area. Another bonus is the internal tightening of the muscle which has usually become relaxed or even widened in the mid-line following pregnancy. There is also a “mini-tummy tuck” which is effective when only the lowest part of the tummy needs to be tightened. Many women actually have tummy tuck and breast lift or augmentation at the same time. Since the breasts and the tummy seem to suffer the most with pregnancy, this seems to be the most common combination (mommy makeover) operation.

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