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What are my breast augmentation options?

In our practice we hear many common questions about breast augmentation. Here is a chance to get to know your options.

Silicone verus Saline? 

Many patients fear silicone implants. This largely stems from FDA imposed moratoriums on silicone implants in the 1990s and early 2000s. At that time there was fear of potential illnesses associated with silicone implants that have since been proven untrue. To date, no direct correlation between silicone implants and illnesses have been found. Furthermore, for women interested in breast feeding, no increased silicone has been found in breast milk of mothers with silicone implants.

Today, in our practice, over 90% of implants placed are silicone. This is largely due to a desire for a more natural feel and appearance of the breast.

Above the muscle or below the muscle?

Patients are often debating the differences between placement of implants above the pectoralis muscle or below the muscle. Each position has its own positives and negatives. Implants placed under the muscle are associated with lower rates of capsular contracture and a lower likelihood of implant visibility and palpability. This technique however is associated with increased pain and more restrictions in your early post operative exercise routine. Implants placed above the muscle can benefit those patients who want to attempt some lift to their nipple position without a formal mastopexy, or breast-lift.  In our practice the majority of implants are placed under the muscle with excellent results.

What about fat?

Newer technologies have provided our practice the opportunity to place your own fat for your breast to provide augmentation. While this sounds like an ideal option to those patients who do not desire breast implants, it has its limitations. Fat grafting will not achieve the consistent volume of an implant and the amount grafted will not equal the final amount that stays in the breast. Typically 40 -60% of fat grafted stays in the breast. Likewise patients who undergo this procedure often elect to pursue a second round of fat grafting.

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