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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: Can I use fillers in my nose?

One of the most common questions in our practice regards the roll of filler in the nose. Filler is both a powerful and yet very limited tool in rhinoplasty. Filler in the nose should only be done by surgeons or injectors with experience in this area as it can be associated with catastrophic complications.

Filler can be used both primarily to correct cosmetic concerns of the nose and also secondarily to correct imperfections following rhinoplasty. Filler works as a mask to hide noticeable defects including defects of the tip, dorsum and sidewalls. The choice of filler is dependent upon the location of the targeted area and the goal of filler placement.

Filler to the nose is treated differently than other filler treatments because of the anatomical complexity of the procedure and the need to monitor for any complications secondary to limited vascular supply of the nose, especially following a prior rhinoplasty. In our practice we require a consultation prior to filler where we can review the concern and determine if filler is an appropriate option. Following this filler is injected in the area of concern and the patient remains in the office for 30 minutes while surgeon and staff observe to make sure there is no sign of tissue damage.

After this initial appointment and injection swelling is the norm. Swelling can persist for several days to weeks and should not be treated unless there is signs of tissue injury. Close follow up with our staff is a must.

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