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What are my facelift options?

There are many techniques available to surgeons when it comes to facelifts. The chosen technique is dependent upon surgeon comfort, patient anatomy/appearance and ideal aesthetic outcome. Some patients elect a more pulled look, while others elect to have a more natural subtle look. The final outcome is something you should discuss with your surgeon and could be based on both your (the patient) aesthetic ideals and the surgeon’s aesthetic ideals. It is always good to see before and after photographs and to ask a surgeon for references so you can understand what prior patients have undergone and what their results are like.

In our practice, we typically perform a tumescent facelift with dual vector approach. The goal is to elevate the skin and the underlying connective tissue (known as the SMAS) in a manner that provides appropriate tightening of the neck and jowls, which are the areas of greatest concern. By lifting both the skin and the SMAS the result tends to last longer than just a skin lift alone. This technique results in natural appearance and avoids the pulled or “done” look.

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