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Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

Dr. Richard Zeff offers a variety of techniques and procedures that can reshape your body and revitalize your appearance. If you are aiming to reduce a perceived “double chin,” Dr. Zeff and his team can help you reach your goals with surgical and non-surgical methods. Depending on each patient and their individual needs, Dr. Zeff may recommend surgery or alternatives to surgery based on the comprehensive plan that is developed at your initial consultation.

Regarding double chin reduction, the traditional approach has been liposuction, a surgical procedure that Dr. Zeff continues to proudly offer his patients. However, he is also happy to offer non-surgical procedures such as Kybella™, which is less invasive than liposuction. Dr. Zeff tends to favor liposuction, as it is a single procedure that can lead to faster results and only one recovery period. Kybella™ requires multiple treatments over a longer period of time. Interestingly, the overall cost can be more expensive with Kybella™, which is another reason Dr. Zeff favors liposuction. Both treatments can effectively reduce your double chin and rejuvenate your overall appearance, but through much different means. While there is generally modest skin tightening with both techniques, it’s important to note that neither procedure significantly tightens skin laxity, which can require more aggressive surgical intervention.


When addressing unwanted fat deposits, liposuction can be a great surgical solution to achieve the look you want. Liposuction can be used to target virtually any area of the body that has proved difficult to slim and contour through exercise and dieting. Because liposuction is a very versatile treatment, it can be applied to the area below your chin where fat cells have potentially created the appearance of a double chin.

Liposuction can be more intentional and specific with its removal of fatty tissue when compared to Kybella™. By inserting a small tube through an incision made below the chin, targeted fatty tissue can be eliminated and displaced. Once removed, these targeted fat cells cannot return. With proper weight management after surgery, your double chin can be slimmed down and your chin and neck areas will likely have a sharper contour than before.


Kybella™ is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatment that was originally created solely to eliminate unwanted, excess fat beneath the chin without the need for surgery. Kybella™ injections eradicate targeted fat cells for good and leave a slimmer-looking appearance in the face. Kybella™ contains deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body. When inserted into targeted areas, it can help break down and eliminate specific fat cells. Kybella™ is tailored to each patient’s needs, with Dr. Zeff designing an individual comprehensive treatment plan based on every person’s goals and expectations.

While Kybella™ can be a great alternative to surgery, at least 3-5 treatment sessions are necessary to see improvement. Results will vary from patient to patient, but people can expect their face to have new facial contours once results begin to appear often many months later. Similar to liposuction, with a proper and consistent diet and workout routine, the results from Kybella™ can be permanent.


If you want to know more about liposuction or Kybella™ and want to schedule a consultation, contact us today!

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