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What Is a Mommy Makeover?

tired-mom-needs-more-energyWell, it’s different for everyone, but there are a few things that most mothers have in common regardless of age.  Many women complain that their breasts were fine before nursing. Some liked how large they were during pregnancy and nursing, and some feel that they were too large and even painful.  But most women complain that when everything settled down, their breasts looked saggy and deflated. The good news is that only a fraction of women need a breast lift at that point.  Usually, not always, breast implants can restore the youthful perkiness that most women find desirable. Size is very individual, so women can choose to be modest or very large, but the missing fullness can be restored with pretty much any size implant.

The other big complaint following pregnancy is the condition of the abdomen.  Very few women can survive without stretch marks, loose skin and even a little fat that was never there before.  There’s still no magic wand for stretch marks. Some treatments can make them less dramatic but not disappear.  Liposuction can remove considerable fat beneath the skin but does not tighten the skin, so it works best when the skin is elastic and fairly firm to start with.  Tummy tuck removes skin and fat at the bottom of the abdomen. Tightening the underlying muscles is another option at the time of tummy tuck. There are also combination procedures which are best discussed with your plastic surgeon.

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