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Injectables or Facelift…How to Determine What’s Best For You

Q: I want to rejuvenate my face and look less tired. How can I tell if injectable fillers will help me or if I need to undergo a full facelift?

In the last few years the public has been inundated with miraculous solutions to help ward off the aging process. This is rapidly growing industry and as such can be confusing and even sometimes deceptive. Injectables? BOTOX®? Facelift? Minifacelift? Short Scar Facelift? It’s pretty overwhelming. It would take hours and an extensive consultation with a plastic surgeon to sort this all out and identify what’s really best for you. But, let’s try to give you a head start.

  • BOTOX® paralyzes (temporarily) only those muscles which have been identified as causing undesirable wrinkles. It can make lines softer or disappear completely if they aren’t too deep.
  • Injectables can be one of a number of different substances, but they are all used to fill in lines, hollows, creases or other deficiencies. They can also be used to augment or sculpt areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks or cheekbones. This can restore a youthful fullness of the face and sometimes offer a subtle lift of surrounding tissues.

Choosing between injectables and surgery can be a daunting task, but the differences are straightforward. Surgery (facelift etc.) is more expensive (in the short term) but will provide a more lasting effect. It also provides a substantial tightening of the jawline and neck that injectables cannot provide. There is also recovery which can require up to two weeks. Injectables, on the other hand, provide very little actual tightening of sagging skin and may need to be repeated annually or sometimes even more often. They can, however, offer specific wrinkle correction or volume replacement with virtually no down time and at less expense.

That’s the “keep it simple” answer. Visit your plastic surgeon for the details and for what really meets your needs.

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